ScourgeCraft Gems

The six types of ScourgeCraft Gems.

The ScourgeCraft mod is one of the main mods of the ScourgCraft server, and is a custom build made specifically for the server.

ScourgeCraft Gems Introduction

In certain biomes, some special mobs have a rare chance of dropping Gems. They can also be mined from specifc Ores. There are currently six types of gems: AgilityInfernalWitherPlague, Aqua , and Venom . Weapons and armor made from each type of gem each have unique traits. For instance: A sword made from an Agilty Gem can give a speed boost in battle. While a sword made from Venom Gems can poison opponents.

Armor & Weapons

ScourgeCraft Armors Edited

All of the ScourgeCraft armors.

The weapon system with the gems is a tiered system consisting of four tiers (Tier 0 - Tier 3). The mobs that drop the ScourgeCraft gems also drop schematics, which are needed to craft of all gear (Besides the Tier 0 gear).