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Welcome to the ScourgeCraft Wiki!

This is a wiki dedicated to the Minecraft mod pack ScourgeCraft! To join the server running this modpack, you must do a quick series of things before joining:

1. Go to this link This is the website where you download the technic launcher, enabling you to join scourgecraft.

2. Open the launcher once installed, then click "Add new mod pack"

3. Type

4. Click okay, and you're set! The server address is already installed once launching, so no need to worry.

Notes: the first time launching it will take much longer than any others. Just be patient.

If you have any problems, go to and create a thread about your problem.

NOTE!: Scourgecraft is undergoing a large re-vamp of the mod pack, so please excuse any mistakes while we clean out the mess! We appreciate your patience in this time of adjustment.

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