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How to Obtain Aqua GemsEdit

I'm new to this mod/modpack... and for those who don't know, you can get Aqua Gems from Clippers and Karkas (the bluish crabs). I believe it is a rare drop, considering I live on a beach (Crabs can only spawn on Beach biomes, similar to DivineRPG) and I've killed about 20 crabs... and I only have 1 Aqua Gem. I THINK Killer Whales can drop them too.... Good luck getting them... they're a pain to get!


The uses of the Aqua Gem are simple. You can make a sword and armor! You can also make your sword/armor more powerful! To upgrade the sword/armor to Tier 1, you must have a lot of Aqua Gems. To see how many, check in the NotEnoughItems menu. Armor and swords are "Tier 0" when you first make them; "Tier 0" is strong as Gold armor, Tier 1 is Chain, Tier 2 is Iron, and Tier 3 is Diamond! Well, for the armor at least. The "Tier 0" sword does 3 damage, Tier 1 does 5, and Tier 2 does 9! Sadly, there are only 3 Tiers for the sword, including "Tier 0." Currently, (as of December 5, 2014,) the Aqua swords have no Abilities. Fortunately, the Aqua armor has an Ability! The Ability of the Aqua armor is Water Breathing.